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May 27 2016 - Caleb Jones Retires from Competition

ay 27 2016 - Caleb Jones Retires From Javelin

One of New Brunswick greatest athletes has announced his retirement. Caleb Jones of Saint John has enjoyed an extraordinary career in the world of track and field since beginning the sport, but has chosen to leave his competitive career on a high note.

Jones has been a champion at every level of the sport in Canada, winning gold medals at the Canadian Legion Youth Track & Field Championships in 2008, the Canadian Junior Track & Field Championships in 2010, the Canada Games in 2013, and the Canadian Track & Field Championships in 2015. Caleb has also won many gold medals at New Brunswick Championships, Atlantic Championships, and at the New Brunswick High School Championships where his record has not come close to falling.

In 2010, Caleb threw the javelin 69.68m to win the Canadian Junior Track & Field Championships and earn his spot on Team Canada for the IAAF World Junior Track & Field Championships taking place in Moncton. Caleb's throw was also good enough to smash the championship record, then held by Scott Russell, Canadian record holder in the event and a 10th place finisher at the 2008 Summer Olympics.

At the World Junior Championships in Moncton, Caleb threw 69.36 to qualify for the finals where he threw 69.77 to finish 10th overall and as the top Canadian.

In his career as a senior athlete, Caleb won the gold medal in the javelin at the 2013 Canada Games in Sherbooke, and just a month later finished 5th at Jeux de la Francophonie in Nice, France. Recent years has seen trips to Finland to train and compete with many of the best javelin throwers and coaches in the world. In 2015 Caleb narrowly missed out on making Team Canada for the Pan American Games, but earned redemption as he won a gold medal at the Canadian Track & Field Championships, then the only national championship he had yet to win a gold medal at.

Caleb retires from the sport with provincial records in the javelin, in the youth, junior, and senior category. Although never an easy decision, Caleb, with the guidance from his coach Dr. Earl Church, has decided that the best long term decision is to bring his career to a close as a result of chronic injuries.

Jones is now planning a full-time transition into the art world, expanding his role as Manager of Jones Gallery and Studio, a Saint John-based business founded by his sister, Sarah Jones, in 2010. Caleb has stated his deep appreciation for all those who helped fuel his outstanding career in the sport and to the many loyal fans spanning all across the province.

"Caleb's retirement is certainly very sad news for out sport, but it is also the time to look back on a phenomenal career that last a decade," said Gabriel LeBlanc, Technical Director of Athletics New Brunswick. "Caleb ends his career as one of the most decorated and successful athletes in our sport's history, a champion at many levels in the sport and a strong competitor on the international stage."

Athletics New Brunswick wishes Caleb the best in his new career and will sincerely miss him as a competitor in the sport, but will always hope to see him stay in the sport in some capacity. Although Caleb retires, he has left a legacy that has inspired many other athletes in the province.

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