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May 31 2010 - NBIAA Provincial Championships - 2010

NBIAA South West Regional Track & Field Meet


Over three hundred high school athletes from South Western NB competed at the NBIAA SW Regional Track and Field meet this past weekend in Oromocto. In total over 130 athletes representing nine schools from the greater Saint John area competed to qualify for the provincial championships on June 5th. Athletes were required to place in the top eight or, in the case of high jump, to clear a qualifying height in order to advance.


Hats off to the following athletes for competing and congrats to those advancing to Provincials...

Girls:        Erin Kelly, Katie Robinson, Haley Guzik, Kayla Allaby, Bridget Flood, Claire Flood, Alex Coffin & Grace Annear.

Boys:       Matt McNeil, Mitch Quigg, Mark Guzik, Nick MacMackin, Tom Butler, Reid Burrows, James Parks, Liam Kettlewell, Alex Peabody & Andrew Vail


Next weeks provincial champs will see over 400 athletes from forty three NB high schools compete. The regional meets and the provincial championships are among the largest NBIAA events of the school year.

May 31 2010 - Coach Coffin`s Weekly Update

HI everyone,

It's time to start thinking about our Hershey meet on June 10. I think the adults are almost as excited as the kids this year! It will be at the River Valley Track so we may need help doing the lines. A big thank you to everyone who ordered clothing. It will be nice to see some gear at the meet!

A big congratulations to everyone who participated at the high school meet. Everyone gave their all and it was a fantastic day! I'm not sure who coaches SJHS but they were awesome:) The other schools too!!

Pro Tip: Sometimes a disappointing result can give you the motivation needed to truly improve. Remember the best way to reach that next level is to repeat a workout every now and then making sure that you improve. A log book makes sure you remember:)

Coach Quigg is unable to make it this Thursday and Coach Coffin may be late coming back from PEI so if any parents could help with RJT this Thursday, it would be a huge help!!

Have a great week:)

Coach Coffin

May 27 2010 - Coach Coffin`s Weekly Update

HI everyone,

The K Park Family Fun Run has a 1K for younger children and a fairly flat 5K. I highly recommend the event for our athletes!! It is on Sunday and doesn't start until 11am so you can sleep in (or go to church first:) Information can be found on

Good luck to all of the high schoolers heading to Oromocto this Saturday!!

Pro Tip: It’s nice to have certain workouts that you use landmarks to create a distance. This is a great alternative to working out on a track and allows you to get in a solid workout in an area that you enjoy running. You don’t need to know the distances, you let the time needed to complete the distance help you decide whether it’s a speed workout or an endurance workout and then how many repeats you do. Some local examples from me:

-Seal to Seal trail-heads using the road at the Nature Park (I can do it in under 9 minutes)

-The old Subway hill in Rothesay from the telephone pole to the mailboxes (I can break 60 seconds if I really try)

-Lily Lake loop ( I can break 6 minutes)

-Martinon Creek Bridge to Morna Drive (I can break 4 minutes)

-Ingelwood using the trail to get to the flashing lights by the Grand Bay Rink ( I can break 4 minutes)

-Old Centracare Site (I can do one loop in under 2 minutes)

What’s your not-so-secret workout and I’ll post it next week:)

May 26 2010 - District 6 Middle School Champs

District 6 Middle School Track & Field Championships - 2010


Harry Miller Middle Schooldefended their title and became the District 6 Track & Field Champions for 2010. Over 200 athletes from seven district six schools competed at the event held at the Recreation Center in Quispamsis on Wednesday. The Harry Miller team was led to the win by triple event winner Brenna Kettlewell (Grade 7 & SJTC Club Member) who captured first and set district records 400m & Long Jump plus won the 100m as well. Team mate Alex Allison (grade 7) led the HMMS boys by winning the High Jump, Discus & 400m.

The battle for district champion was very close with only 17 points separating the top 3 schools. Rothesay Park School finished in second and Quispamsis Middle School placed third in over all results. Other schools competing included Hampton Middle, Belleisle Regional, Macdonald Consolidated and Sussex Middle.

Other multiple event winners were:


Sarah Kean – Quispamsis                          Grade 6 - 200m & 800m

Katelyn Williston – Rothesay Park          Grade 6 – 100m & 400m

Gaia Carpenter – Rothesay Park              Grade 8 – 100m & 200m                        

Rachel Forestell – Harry Miller                Grade 8 – 800m & 400m


Christian Tarditi – Hampton                    Grade 6 – High Jump & Long Jump

May 22 2010 - Track Practice Photos

May 19 2010 - Schedule: Please the following schedule over the next week...

 Monday - May 24th - there will be a practice at Sam De Cham even though it is a holiday

Tuesday - May 25th - The Twilight has been postponed. There will be the regular practice at Gondola Point.

Just a reminder to all that traffic from town across the Harbour Bridge is very slow in the rush hour periods due to the construction. Practices on Thursday will start on time but people should allow enough time in case of delays. We will monitor this over the coming weeks and see how it goes.

May 16 2010 - Coach Coffin's Weekly Update

Big Reminder! On May 17th (Monday) at 7:30pm there will be a dress rehearsal for the Saint John 225 event at Harbour Station. You will be the first to see all of the spectacular acts planned for the big show!! The children will be finished by 8:30pm. We are organizing a group of SJ Track kids for this. Just a reminder, your child / group of children should come dressed in their uniform / jersey / indentifiable outfit/ costume for the dress rehearsal and (of course) the performance. I will have extra shirts:). On the day of the show the children should be dropped off at Harbour Station by 6:30pm.

Speaking of our shirts/jackets/pants, we are hoping to finalize orders this week!! Come check out the samples with Alex or Tania.

This weekend was a big trip for the older athletes. The SJHS athletes had a sleepover so they were out in force but there were a lot of younger kids there as well. Kudos to our athletes like Brady Graves, Isabelle Nickerson, Gabriel Myer, Alec Alston, Ben Fowler, Zachary Peabody, Emily Carr and Anthony Cormier who came up from the middle school bracket. Results can be found at

Let's get that Tuesday group hopping. 5:30-6:30 at the Gondola Point Track. It's a great venue:) Tell your friends as we are inviting new athletes for all 3 practices this week to attend a hurdle clinic!!

Did anyone go to the Throws Clinic? Give us the scoop!!

Pro Tip of the Week: The first meet is always a great feeling because you know you're going to improve just from the experience next time:)

May 12 2010 - Coach Coffin's Weekly Update

Hi everyone,

Athletics New Brunswick is pleased to announce at least 22 positions for Athletics NB members of clubs who are ages 11to 14 this year are opened to young athletes to attend the Athletics Youth Camp that is being held in conjunction with the World Track and Field championships from July 19th until July 24th.

For more information please visit


On May 15th it is our first outdoor meet of the summer. The 2010New Brunswick SCHOOLS INVITATIONAL & OPEN MEET promises to be a good warm up meet before NBIAA and other competition. Registration is open at ! The cost of this event is only 10$ for up to 4 events! This event will take place at Camp Gagetown.MAy 15th


For the older kids this Thursday, we will be preparing specifically for a weekend event in 20 second increments!! This is a great mental workout and gets your fast-twitch fibres ready:)


Can I say how impressed I am with our RJT kids already?? It must be the coaching of Coach Quigg, Coach Leblanc, Coach Kelly and Coach Kennedy!! Our focus this week was high jump and triple jump.


On May 17th at 7:30pm there will be a dress rehearsal for the Saint John 225 event at Harbour Station. You will be the first to see all of the spectacular acts planned for the big show!! The children will be finished by 8:30pm. We are organizing a group of SJ Track kids for this so please message me if you are interested. Just a reminder, your child / group of children should come dressed in their uniform / jersey / indentifiable outfit/ costume for the dress rehearsal and (of course) the performance. Also, each group of children is required to have one adult supervisor to sit with them during the rehearsal and the show.
On the day of the show the children should be dropped off at Harbour Station by 6:30pm


I am also putting out a request to have some volunteers help with marking the track the day before the meets on May 25 and June 10. Bob Laver has a heel injury and is unable to do the labour but he will give direction:)


Remember your orders for uniforms are due next week!!


Pro Tip for the parents: Stretch with your kids at home. It develops a positive habit for them and helps them recover. For us oldies, it especially helps us keep our range of motion from diminishing any further:)


Thanks for reading,     Alex

May 7 2010 - Saint John Track Club Practices - Update

Saint John Track Club Practices begin again on April 26 at the following locations:

Mondays- Ecole Samuel de Champlain at 5:30pm - Run Jump Throw & All older athletes

Tuesdays - Gondola Pt Rec. Center, Quispamsis at 5:30 - Run Jump Throw & older athletes for Hurdlers,  Long & Triple Jumps

Thursdays- River Valley Middle School Track at 5:30pm - Run Jump Throw & All older athletes

Children ages 8-10 will continue the Run-Jump-Throw program as an introduction to the events of track and field and build general fitness. No previous experience is required for this program. You can attend one or both of the weekly practice sessions. Participants will be encouraged to participate in competitions to try their new skills.

The practices are from 5:30 until 6:30pm for ages 10 and under. The older athletes train until 7pm. All disciplines will be covered and please stay tuned for dates for some specialized sessions and summer day camps!

Athletes age 11-16 will be offered a Junior Development Program which will be focused on building their skills in a variety of events plus work on general fitness, strength training and preparation for competitions. Senior athletes age 16+ can access the coaches and establish individual training plans plus integrate them into other programs where appropriate to their needs.

May 3 2010 - Coach Coffin's Weekly Update

Technical Practice and Run Jump Throw   Dave Thomas, Dave McAuley and Alex Coffin will be at the Gondola Point Track at 5:30 on Tuesday night for an additional practice for our club athletes!          
  2010 New Brunswick Schools Invitational and Open Meet SITE: Gagetown Track and Field Facility
CFB Gagetown, Oromocto, N.B.
DATE: Saturday, May 15th 2010
SANCTION: Athletics New Brunswick and NBIAA
MEET DIRECTOR: Dave Thomas --- Tel: (506) 849-4940 / E-mail:
AWARDS: Ribbons will be awarded for the top three (3) in each event.
ENTRIES: Meet registration will be done online through: Visit and click on entries.
If you have any questions or difficulties with online registration please email Gabriel LeBlanc at
All athletes can compete in up to 3 individual events.
All Entries must be received prior to Wednesday May 12th
FEES: $10.00 flat fee per athlete for up to four events

TENTATIVE SCHEDULE OF EVENTS (Subject to change based on entries)
Final Schedule available on day of meet.
All athletes are asked to check-in for the Meet by 10.30 AM
Schedule - Track (Start - 11:00 AM)
1200m MSB MSG
300m Hurdles MSB MSG
300m T-Finals MSB MSG
80m Hurdles MSB MSG JHSG
100m Hurdles SHSG JHSB
110m Hurdles SHSB

Some track events for the high school division may be combined if they are insufficient numbers to warrant running them separately and there is a separate schedule for field events.       Event: Atlantic Throws Summit
Start Time: Friday, May 14 at 6:00pm
End Time: Sunday, May 16 at 6:00pm
Where: Halifax NS

Message Steve Leblanc to RSVP or to get more info    

Pro Tips

For older athletes:
Worried about your running form??
-Minimize your stride, lift your knees just a little and keep the leg turnover as quick as comfortable:)
-This will allow for minimal impact and improve your mechanics around the hip!!
-Did you know that one of the top elite tips is to try to reduce the time your foot spends on the ground for each footstrike as much as possible?

For younger athletes:
-Build on your strengths and have patience for your weaknesses
-Thank your parent for bringing you to track:)
-Make sure people know what you have improved on so they can help you celebrate!!

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2016-09-20 - JD Irving Invitational Cross Country - Middle & High School Meet
2016-05-27 - Caleb Jones Retires from Competition

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